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Thread: Gunmounts by the pound or Wholesale

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    Default Gunmounts by the pound or Wholesale

    Hi everybody!! You may have seen me post over in the Member's Glassifieds before, but I recently got my Vendors badge, so here I am to let you know about the gunmounts I have for sale!! I have three colors of gunmounts available (White, pink, and blue) by the pound or quarter pound. The price per pound is $60 for the white, and $65 for the pink and blue and shipping inside the US is always FREE!!! Visit to check them out and purchase!

    For those not familiar, gunmounts are old bars of boro glass that were manufactured and used for CRT televisions. They discontinued making them after CRTs went the way of the dinosaur. Now they are actually quite rare, especially in good condition as most are obtained by breaking them out of old televisions. The ones I have for sale are directly from an old factory and were never used in TVs however, so they are actually in pristine condition. These bars are somewhat similar to the more modern borobars, however, they tend to contain much less air and are therefore much easier and smoother to work. As for the colors themselves, the white is my personal favorite as it is so easy to work compared to other whites, it is a semi-translucent white sort of like the china jade white in terms of look but so much easier to work. The pink and blue are less universal, but they are tones that you won't find easily in the modern color pallet, a really nice flesh tone pink when worked, and a cool blue-grey, again both are super easy to work compared to similar colors!!

    If you have any other questions, please email me at as I don't check this site all that often, Thanks!!!!

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